Rolwaling Trekking

Enjoy Rolwaling trekking and click some beautiful scenes of nature

Rolwaling Valley is most beautiful and magnificent valley that is formed by the mountain ranges covering the Himalayas. This beautiful snow covered mountain ranges formed Rolwaling present in the East-Central of Nepal towards the Tibet border. People come here for doing Rolwaling trekking and clicking pictures of most incredible views of this place during the dawn and dusk. As this valley is situated far away from the capital of Nepal, only professional photographer, geographic experts and researchers come to such areas with some purpose in mind.

Those, who have come with the planning of clicking some fantastic pictures, for them there are so many options in this place. There is a small image named Singati present in this valley and surrounded by snow covered mountain peaks. Some of the renown peaks are Gauri Shankar, Mengalutse and Kang Nachugo. There is a small glacier present on the right side, Drombulao glacier. There is a small mountain pass known as Tesi Lapsa pass. It is considered as polar star of the country. Clicking pictures at some of these beautiful scenic landscape areas will offer wonderful experience to a photographer.

Performing Rolwaling trekking is an excellent option, but for this one has to take permission from the Government of Nepal. Most of the areas remain dark as sunlight coming to these areas are hindered by the shadow of gigantic mountains. For planning a trip to this place, one can contact travelling companies, which provide you with some excellent packages. These packages include accommodation, food and, they also take guarantee for getting permission for trekking, going to restricted areas and mountain climbing.


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