Chinese Rice Fields

An Amazing trip to Chinese rice fields

It was great fun when we visited Xinjie, the old town of Yuanyang in China. Beautifully mounted on the top of a mountain ridge. This was for the first time that we have enjoyed terrific rice traces at both sunrise and sunset. A small town with an interesting small market with still mists and clear skies during daytime. Our guide explained us completely by saying, “Terraced paddy fields are very much common in rice farming where the land is hilly or mountainous. These terraced rice fields helps to decrease erosion and work well for rice crops which needs to be grown in a flooded area. Built into steep hillsides by intense physical labor and sometimes by using a water buffalo to help in the wetlands.”

After taking some rest in hotel we drove towards rice fields. Early next morning we were in fields and for every single view We were like Woooow!! It’s so beautiful ! Lovely Chinese rice fields, all in different colors sounds something like rainbow. Lovely rice terraces built on a massive scale and with gorgeous landscapes and small traditional villages. As we walk along the mountain paths, each scene that opens up is more beautiful than one before. Complete blend of nature’s beauty and splash of different colors spread nicely on the fields.

Women working in the rice fields wearing their traditional dresses looks awesome. Exclusive terrace fields make this place a paradise for photographers and people who are interested in China’s minority culture. Spring makes this view more beautiful by reflecting the blue sky and fluffy clouds right on the irrigated fields. It was a wonderful trip with lots of exciting moments.


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